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Department violins

In elementary school origins (40-50-ies.) Violin department unites himself dovkil outstanding teaching staff, which will eventually bring everlasting glory Galician violinists in the world. One of the first violin taught Kryshtalsky R., N. Lobachevsky. In 1947, the department began working prof. V. Stetsenko (son of composer Kyrylo Stetsenko), author of the PhD thesis on “Sources Violin Concerto”, prof. Mr. Makarenko, K. Mikhailov, A. Vaysfeld, prof. Lekґer D., A. Petrov, N. Zelenytsya-Hambardzumyan, A. Tyuppa, S. Shup’yanyy, H. Heifetz. Since 1955 the school has taught violin and chamber ensemble Honored Artist of Ukraine, prof. A. Derkach, who actually launched a new generation of teaching. It includes B. Kaminsky, S. Snitkovskyy, O. Yegorov, S. Ammerman, G. Dyachenko, A. Lekher, I. Shutko – longtime head of the department. With 60 years working in the school candidate. Mist. Sci. D. Kolbin, PhD. Mist. Sci., Methodist and a member of the European Association of teachers violinist “Esta” G. Paul, a graduate school, Honored Artist of Ukraine, member of European association of teachers string “Esta” prof. A. Kohut-Vankovych, PhD. ped. Science Assoc. A. Andreiko. In recent decades, the department worked Florchuk A., A. Merkushina 3. Sorokivskyy, Nazar B., G. Gerasimos, A. Spine.

– And, therefore, I can not do real violin?
– Violins do. Make barrels and benches. A violin as bread, grapes and give birth to children and grown.

Antonio Stradivari

Highly fruitful tradition of violin teachers now developing under the guidance of Head of Department O. Goat member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, prof., People’s Artist of Ukraine, PhD. Mist., Rector LNMA them. Lysenko, head of the jury of the National Violin Competition I. Pylatjuk; candidate. ped. Science professor. LNMA them. Lysenko J. Sokolowski., Teachers and methodologists J. Gold, M. Hunevych, L. Oleksiv, N. Sora, M. Futorska V. Shurhot and Lutsyk T., M. Lishchuk, A. Menzinsky, P . Grigorchuk, R. Zakopets.

For 75 years of creative work of teachers violinist came from school without exaggeration galaxy of star performers, soloists of the highest rank, brilliant orchestra and ensemble, leading teachers of many schools. Among them are winners of prestigious international and national competitions, academics, folk and honored artists, professors, doctors and candidates of sciences.

Among the soloists Soloists eminent musicians of world fame. A. Rat – one of the first graduates who attained the highest level of world violin performance, became the winner of prestigious international competitions: First Prize International Competition. Paganini (Genoa, Italy), II Prize International Competition. H. Wieniawski (Poland), III Prize International Competition. Tchaikovsky, II Prize of the Montreal International Violin Competition (Canada). Concert activity A. Rats swept the best facilities of all continents and recording the world’s leading companies VIS, TRITON, AMADIS, TNC, OLYMPIA dispersed throughout the world. Participation in major music festivals and the jury of international competitions, master classes, world premiere performance – an important facet of the creative person of the artist, Honored Artist of USSR, Professor EastmanSchoolofMusic, Rochester, NY, ManhattanSshoolofMusic, New York, the Moscow Conservatory. P. Tchaikovsky, Moscow Music Institute. Gnesin, the Kiev Conservatory. Tchaikovsky. B. Kotorovych – winner of many international competitions, including: II Prize Competition. Paganini (Italy) and the University. George. Enescu (Romania), People’s Artist of the USSR, member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, head of the violin and Professor IA them. Tchaikovsky Conservatory teacher in Sydney (Australia), laureate of the State Prize. Taras Shevchenko Prize. Vernadsky, was awarded the Order of III degree “For Service”. S. Dyachenko – V Award Competition. Paganini (Italy). A. Shutko – People’s Artist of Ukraine, professor LNMA them. Lysenko, laureate of international competitions: im. Bach (Leipzig) them. Tchaikovsky (Moscow) them. J. Sibelius (Helsinki); awarded “Lviv glory” and them. S.Lyudkevych. Yu Korchynskyi – I Prize Competition. Paganini, M. Brylynskyy – II Prize Competition. Paganini (2002, teacher L. Alex). Glory violin art brought Ukraine as winners of many international and national competitions that create and work in Ukraine and around the world: S. Soroka (USA), A. Shutko (Ukraine), O. Kaskiv (Switzerland) SA Ivakhiv (US ), M. Brylynskyy (France), N. Pylatjuk (Poland), A. Shurhot (Croatia), A. Futorska (Ukraine), A. Savitskaya (Austria) and others.

 Learn the nature of his instrument. Start with the idea that you know its not the end. Properties violin is much richer than this thought will think and think all our predecessors and followers. And always remember – your God said to you the language of your instrument. Nicolo Paganini

Among the graduates violinist equally brilliant musicians and ensemble. B. Bonkovska – one of the first graduates of the school, longtime concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra of Lviv Philharmonic. M. Vaytsner – the first concertmaster of the Lviv Chamber Orchestra, the initiator of founding music festival “Virtuosos,” spoke of “Virtuosos of Moscow” Vladimir Spivakov and “Soloists of Moscow” Yuri Bashmet. M. Striharzh – soloist RheinischesKammerorchester (Germany), EuropeensLuxembourgSolists, concertmaster leading Swedish and German orchestras; awarded the Order “For Merit”, “Knight of Ukraine” and degree “Public recognition» II degree, “Ivan Mazepa”, “Bohdan Khmelnytsky” I degree, Order of “debt and honor” Order of Kazakhstan “Astana”, the Order of Poland «ZlotaGloriaArtis». B. Duda – Honored Artist of Ukraine, the Polish Chamber Orchestra concertmaster of the Philharmonic, soloist and leader of Lviv Philharmonic concertmaster, chamber orchestra “Lviv Virtuosos”. B. Rat -kontsertmeyster National Symphony Orchestra. There were well-known A. Bosak; A. Dulyba (Germany); A. Kotorovych (New Zealand); Yu Zagorodniuk – Honored Artist of Russia, concertmaster of the orchestra Maryyskoho Theatre in St. Petersburg (Russia); Q. Bohachek (USA); A. Slyusar- Hratylo – Honored Artist of Ukraine; S. Swamp (Austria); R. Kovalko (Netherlands); A. Kurylyak (Austria); N. Tsaytts-Raytel (Germany); Nikita V. (Poland); A. Pacific (Germany). Among the distinguished teachers Kaskiv B. – Honored Artist of Ukraine, prof., Over 30 years Head of violin LNMA them. Lysenko; A. Tchaikovsky – doc. LNMA them. Lysenko; N. Poslavska – candidate. Mist. Sci. LNMA them. Lysenko; A. Andreiko – candidate. ped. Science Assoc. LNMA them. Lysenko.

The youngest generation of young violinists brings glory to school – gaining numerous victories at competitions and festivals, concerts. That students of all ages, including most clearly manifested themselves V. Manchur, Ostapchuk Yu, T. Lutsyk M. Gerega V. Litvinenko, Podolianchuk E., B. Ivasik, N. Fedyuk. The names of these students are constantly on the posters, their performances are decoration of many concerts not only in Ukraine but also in other cities in Ukraine and abroad. Young violinists school – the permanent members of many children’s competitions, which in recent decades have become traditional in our and neighboring countries. Our students – frequent winners of children’s competition in Poland, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Italy, the Baltic countries and many others. The department regularly conducted master classes with renowned violinists of our time – Krysa A., B. Kotorovych, I. Pylatjuk M. Komonkom.