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Department of solo singing

In 2012, at the initiative of People’s Artist of Ukraine, Professor LNMA them. Lysenko, Igor Kushpler was set up vocal department of the school. To this academic vocal taught only optional. Creative mentor vocally gifted children was People’s Artist of Ukraine, soloist of Lviv Opera, Professor LNMA them. Lyudmila Lysenko Buzhko, which most students continued to study at the Academy of Music. Vocal glory School brought her former students O. Krovytska, IA Vakula, A. Kovalko A. Kovalev, S. Kushpler, S. Nightingale et al., Which is currently the leading soloists of the theater world. Since September 2012 the department is headed by a vocal Honored Artist of Ukraine, the senior teacher LNMA them. Lysenko Orest Sidor. Arts academic teaching singing L. Bozhko A. Nosov, A. Goba, A. Pak, A. Kalyuzhna. Graduates vocal department have the opportunity to continue their studies in higher education.