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Department of brass and drums

Teaching spiritual foundation laid department school teachers with European names. This flutist Karl Podgoretsky, world-DA trouble (the only soloist in the Soviet Union V. Honored Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Philharmonic under the direction of conductor E. Mravinsky). Many years of school staff were 3. Kaluzhnyatska, But Levkovich; Conservatory faculty Assoc. Yuri Smirnov, Assoc. B. Zholubak, PhD. Mist. Assoc. A. Karpiak; A. Averkiyev oboist; clarinetist Alexander Vasiliev, K. Marhevka, prof. Vladimir Nosov, M. Maryash; bassoonist Topol M., V. Manukyan, PhD. Mist. Sci. Seminichenko V., V. Zakharov; PA Kirejtshuk trumpet (later – director muzuchylyscha), A. Zhubr, prof. V. Shvets; French horn Pryad- B. Keane, M. Videyko (led French horn, trombone, tuba); Honored Artist of Ukraine, Assoc. B. Antoniv; trombonist P. Rudskyy Assoc. S. Stepanov, I. Litvinov, S. Ganych. Class IV percussion instruments were Hlanevskyy, W. Lang. Musical master for many years was V. Diderko, and now in this position for a long time is A. Wiesner.

Department of wind and percussion instruments led by K. Hennel, which creatively teach O. Pavlenko, L. Soloviy (flute); Serbinskyy Assoc. LNMA them. Lysenko, L. Zakopets (oboe); Hennel K., T. Ilchuk, A. Dobrynchuk (clarinet); B. hoe (bassoon); Honored Artist of Ukraine, prof. R. Nakonechny, Ivan Var’yanko (trumpet); C. Kysylevych (French horn); A. Melenets (trombone); B. Veretelnyk (drums); Honored Artist of Ukraine, Karpyn says (brass band among the graduates and students of the department brass and percussion many famous musicians outside the country: Gus P., R. Dulysh, Honored Artist of USSR A. bonnets, 3. Vidonyak, G. talent (concertmaster of flutes Symphony orchestra of the National Opera of Ukraine), PhD. Mist. Assoc. LNMA them. Lysenko A. Carp ‘as Honored Artist of Ukraine Yuri Shutko, laureate of international competitions the Law pets B. and M. Semotyuk (Germany); B. Korchynska A. Lemekh A. Yaremchuk, O. Sheremet, A. Gnativ (Germany) – flute, A. Belinsky (US concertmaster Symphony orchestra of Los Angeles), Yu Khvostov (Germany), J. Birdman, K. Omelchenko, T. Nester – oboe; Author A., ​​candidate. Mist., head of woodwind instruments NMAU. Tchaikovsky R. Wolf, honored Artist of Ukraine: Assoc. NMAU. Chay- P. Dubcek Yuri Vasilevich, I. Protsiv A. Vakula, winners of national and international competitions Demchyshyn TV (Japan), A. Levitsky, M. Fesyuk (Netherlands); Storozhynskyy M., R. Hood, V. Boretskyi (Germany); A. Rat (Hungary) – clarinet; B. Stark, A. Yakovchuk V. Valterov – bassoon; Ivan Oleynik – saxophone; Khmelnitsky M. Smith There .; candidate. Mist., Honored Artist of Ukraine Boris Mochurad; candidate. Mist. A. Var’yanko; winners of many competitions Alexander Popovich, V. Dovgan, I. Tip – trumpet; B. anenko – Kharkiv Opera soloist; C. Kucher, Honored Artist of Ukraine HE Sozansky; R. Slasher – horn; K. Kano – soloist Kishinev State Symphony Orchestra; V.Luschenko, Yu.Kovalyshyn (trombone), M. Chechulina – drums. On the basis of spiritual love school regularly hosts the International competition of woodwinds them. Dmitry troubles – the world-renowned flutist, a graduate of the Lviv State Conservatory. The first competition was organized in 1996, which immediately received considerable attention in the art world. Now, every three years the city accepts Lion elite performance on woodwind instruments. In 2004 organized by the All-Ukrainian competition of brass and percussion instruments, which has become traditional in 2007 was named ‘I Ganych SA – one of the outstanding teachers of the class Ukraine trombone, tuba and chamber ensemble. In these and many other competitions brightly lit star talent school students. This flute D. Saveliev, Levytska S., J. Laziness, T. Havryliuk, N. Kozhushko A. Wityk, pro- hidov A., M. Dushnyuk, N. Pidcheha A. Saenko; oboist Zakopets M., H. Savitsky, K. Mourning, B. Nemchenko T. Holovatsky; bassoonist Demkovskyy V., T. Oliynyk, V. Vatsko; trumpet Kryminskyy D., J. Kazmirchuk, P. Makohonchuk; ksylofonist J. Sobipan. Brass Department is proud of its’ graduates who work and continue their education at leading music colleges Ukraine, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, A CIP and other countries. The department conduct master classes leading professors of the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Germany and the United States. Students-duhovyky successful concerts, acting as soloists and orchestra on many prestigious stages in our country and abroad. The department, which generally enrolled more than 80 students, operates Brass Band under the direction of Honored Artist of Ukraine Ivan Karpyn says, and some creative brass bands.