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Department of Piano

One of the main parts of the school is piano, which was held together with the school gigantic historic road, accumulating dovkil the best piano teachers force. They were able to prepare the future glorious winners, teachers, accompanists, ensemble. At the root of this department the names of European glory outstanding pianists mid XX century. – Honoriscausa: Dr. Charles University, Knight of “Golden Cross”, rector of Lviv Higher Music Institute. Lysenko, and later Lviv State Conservatory. Lysenko, Barvinskyi, D. Levitsky, A. Berezhnytska D. Gerasimov, spouses T. and A. Shukhevych A. Protsyshyn, I. Kryh, A. Kuzmovych, I. Nehrebetskoyi, I. Mysyuk O. Altkorn, J. Zadzhytskoyi. J. Zaleski, Kolessa M. Skovronskoyi.

Subsequently, the department added the names of many teachers who have made a significant contribution to the development of piano pedagogy O. Kashinoyi, L. Holyembo, prof. A. Adelman, C. Huchua Assoc. J. Radin, E. Rohozinskoyi, Vladimir Zelensky, spouses S. and A. Daycha Mutman, prof. B. Klymkiva. Donchenko K., G. Dovzhenko, Kolomoytseva E., A. ash Zaluzhnoyi R., A. Shpot A. Chornak, NM Twin, M. Rolls. Dolgova M., J. Kirejtshuk, AL Spiryahinoyi, L. Yarish, I. Krasnoyaruzhskoyi, B. Shylkevych, A. Desna. Lavruk M., T. Oleksiv, N. Gavrilova, O. Vahnovskoyi, A. Kotyuk, I. Vahnovskoyi M. Ulitskaya and others.
Department celebrated especially fruitful collaboration with professors and teachers of the conservatory. The school worked eminent musicians, including graduates, professors A. Kryshtalsky M. Krushelnytska M. Kryh-Uhlyar, L. Kryh, G. Blazhkevych and Honoured Artist of Ukraine Chupryk E. and A. Rapita.

Vykvitom piano department were without exaggeration it famous in the whole world graduates O. Kryshtalsky – one of the first graduates of 1947, student Barvinskyi, People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Prize of the First All-Union Piano Competition, Professor. LNMA them. Lysenko; M. Krushelnytska – People’s Artist of Ukraine, winner of the First Competition. Lysenko, prof. LNMA them. Lysenko; M. Uhlyar-Kryh – Honored Artist of Ukraine, prof. LNMA them. Lysenko; galaxy professors LNMA them. Lysenko – Chornak J., T. Starukh (Cand. Mist.), P. Yurzhenko, L. Kryh, N. Kashkadamova (Cand. Mist.), M. Kushnir. Many graduates work in different educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad. Among them, Zaderatsky A. Pushkar – prof. IA them. Tchaikovsky, T. Kurzheva (Cand. Mist.) And Yu Hurdeyeva.

In the 60 years of the piano department of the reputation of its graduates in the whole world. This outstanding musicians of the XX century., Who brought his deserved fame AlmaMater O. Slobodyanyk – Honored Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the International Competition. Tchaikovsky in Moscow, the International Piano Competition. M. Long in Paris; B. Yeresko – winner of the International Competition. Rachmaninov (Moscow), winner of the International Competition. M. Long (Paris), was awarded the Legion of Honour, Professor. Paris Conservatory (France); Yu Lysychenko – winner of the International Competition. M. Long (Paris), professor at the Moscow Conservatory. Tchaikovsky (Russia); B. Vynnytsky – winner of the International Competition. M. Long (Paris). Among the graduates of this period of extraordinary musicians Mishkovska L., J. Parhomovska, L. Butorin, Kiva, Bon A. et al.

In the 70 years of school ranks are replenished with new winners: G. Blazhkevych -Vseukrayinskyy Competition. Lysenko (Prize) candidate. Mist. Sci. LNMA them. Lysenko; M. ash – Ukrainian Competition. Lysenko (1st Prize), Associate LNMA them. Lysenko, simultaneously working in Poland; C. Huchua-Adelman – International Competition. M. Long (Paris), an international competition in New York, Moscow, Tokyo Teacher of Music (Japan), Professor. Paris Conservatory (France); Yu Polubyelov – laureate of international competitions, professor. Moscow Conservatory. Tchaikovsky; I. fawn – Ukrainian Competition. Lysenko (I prize), Assoc. LNMA them. Lysenko; C. Zilinski – Ukrainian Competition. Lysenko.

80-90 years bring new famous names such as: M. Dragan – winner and winner of national competitions, Assoc. LNMA them. Lysenko; A. Shnitsar – International Piano Competition in Poznan (Poland); Alexander Kushnir – International Competition in Italy; M. Humetska – winner of the International Competition for Young Pianists and violinists them. B. Dvarionasa (Vilnius, Lithuania), All-Union competition for young musicians named. S. Diaghilev (Moscow, Russia Prize), and the International Competition for Young Musicians them. Tchaikovsky (Moscow, Russia, III Prize), the prize «Debut» contest of young performers (Montreal, Canada); J. Nikita – laureate of international competitions: them. Lysenko (Kyiv) and them. Bach (Leipzig) A. Zaitsev – laureate of international competitions, including: the memory of Arthur Rubinstein (Poland) them. Antonin Dvorak (Czech Republic), Rome-96 (Italy), etc .; P. Grigorenko – International Competition. M. Gilels (1 prize); N. Pasechnik – winner of the International Piano Competition in Sweden; X. Gudz – winner and winner of international competitions (France); A. Rudnytsky – Winner of national competitions candidate. Mist .; G. Klimko – Winner of International Competition. A. Rubinstein in Poland, winner of the International Competition in Paris (France); J. Bozhenko – winner of the International Competition. E. Krainev (Kharkiv) them. A. Rubinstein (Poland).

In the new millennium on the piano compendium rising young talents: DA Onishchenko – winner of the International Competition. Lysenko them. A. Horowitz them. E. Krainev, them. Tchaikovsky; B. Kotys – winner of the International Competition. E. Krainev, them. A. Horowitz; A. Dragan – Winner of International Competition. Lysenko, the State Scholar Basel Conservatory; D. Saenko – winner of the All-Ukrainian Competition. Neuhaus.
Manages the department piano teacher Nadezhda Petrovna Methodist Rykov.
In the department are leading figures of piano pedagogy, including leading academics

LNMA them. Lysenko:
L. Kryh – prof. LNMA them. Lysenko,
A. Pylatjuk – candidate. Mist. Assoc. LNMA them. Lysenko,
A. Rapita – Honored Artist of Ukraine, Assoc. LNMA them. Lysenko,
teachers and methodologists:
T. Alexandrov, T. Vorobkevych, A. Hambardzumyan, Yu Moysyak, A. Gerega A. Zakopets A. Rzheshnivetska, Z. Shylkevych,
senior teachers and teachers of the highest category:
N. Ripko, X. Zaranska, J. Nightingale, M. Gavrushko, S. Zablocki, Burshtynska N., A. Figol, I. Levytska, I. Yavnych, I. Brykaylo V. Sokolovsky.
Over the last decade the department actively improving work – held regular concerts, including not only traditional solo or teams, but many interesting thematic evenings. Students of the department – a constant participant of almost all artistic events. Among the students-pianists are:
M. ashes A. Bilas, J. Round, Haiduk A., X. Goat, I. Kirchanova O. of urban, A. Yankevich D. Saenko and others.

By creative heritage department owns a large advocacy – recovery and performance of the works of many composers pershovykonannya. Teachers of the department deployed the bulk methodical activity that shows not only a high level of teaching, but also a powerful intellectual capacity.