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Our History

Protoistoriya professional music education its origins goes back to the XVIII-XIX., And initiated the first professional school of music were FK Mozart (son of Mozart), J. Rukґaber, F. and K. Lipinski, J. Lavriv who lived and worked in. They, along with community and leaders of the city have permission emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire at the opening of the first professional music school – special vocational school in Lviv (Order of 14 August 1838 r. №21119 / 1537 and chancellor decree of August 25, 1838). In the complex historical period of conflicts in Europe “spring of nations” under the influence of military events in the 1848 school activities were suspended, then reinstated (Order of the Emperor of 8 November 1851 r. №11037), but the new status, on the basis of secondary music school created training institution of higher education – music Academy to which school graduates supplied with a high level of training.

The history of school XIX century. related well-known names: J. Rukґaber (the first director of the school), J. Towers, J. Elsner, K. Mikula (longtime rector of the Academy and head of school). Traditions odnotsilnoho professional musical training evolved continuously, especially prospering in the XX century. When formed immanent structure of secondary specialized music schools of the modern type. School founded Resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Ukrainian SSR dated 19 December 1939 r. 1545 number called “Ukrainian State Children Music School at the Ukrainian State Conservatory.” Responsible for all musical institutions was Dr. W. Barvinsky, under the auspices of which the director’s office held D. Levitsky. During the hard times of war, when the German occupation authorities closed all universities, the only place of refuge for Lviv teachers become children’s music school, whose leader was V. Barvinsky.

In 1944 recovered a school called “Lviv music school ten years at Lviv State Conservatory. Lysenko “(Order of the Arts Committee at the Council of Ministers of the USSR on August 1, 1944 r. Number 601). In the difficult post-war conditions, the team began working on the street. Gorky – now street. Gnatyuk (director O. Berezhnytska, head teacher Minko L.). In 1948 Barvinskyi arrested and a year dismiss A. Berezhnytska. In 1949. at. Director appointed L. Mink, and since 1950 the director is Vladimir Popovic. At the initiative of the new director K. Kravchenko school provided premises on the street. Green, 8-10 and open prishkolnom boarding, creating a learning environment for talented children from different regions.

Decision of the Executive Committee of the Lviv Oblast Council of People’s Deputies of March 12, 1960 r. Lviv 245 number-ten years of music school was reorganized into a musical boarding school. Three years later it acquired the name of the singer of world fame Krushelnytska (Resolution of the Lviv City Council of People’s Deputies of October 1, 1963 r. Number 659). At this time the director is Alexander Tishchenko (head teacher – V. Antoniv V. Zaremskyy). Subsequently, the order of the executive committee of Lviv Oblast Council of People’s Deputies of October 7, 1966 r. Number 737 (according to the order of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR of 16 June 1966 r. Number 692) Lviv music boarding school moved from the regional to the national budget.

In 1972 became director B. Anthony (head teacher, a special loop – Vladimir Tretiak, general – V. Zaremskyy, and later – M. ashes A. Kurach). In 1997 the school principal for B. Martynovsky in 2004 – D. Komonka. Since 2009 the Lviv secondary special music boarding school them. Krushelnytska headed by L. Zakopets. During the lifetime of close creative collaboration united the school of higher education music institution – now Lviv National Music Academy. Lysenko, under the patronage of caring by developing young talent, adding to its ranks