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Lviv golden autumn of 2017 will be remembered by many lovers of musical art as a gigantic musical event of the III International project “EUROPEAN MUSICAL EVENTS IN LVIV” with the participation of young talents of specialized music schools, gymnasia, conservatories, lyceums of Ukraine, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic, which took place on October 22 in the Concert Hall named after them. S. Lyudkevych Lviv Philharmonic.
      The founder of the project, director of the Lviv secondary specialized music boarding school named after. S. Krushelnytskaya, Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine, Associate Professor Levko Zakopets emphasized: “This artistic event is an opportunity to bring talented young performers from different countries on one stage of our ancient Lviv. The purpose of the event is to get acquainted with the performing schools of Europe, to discover the bright talents of the new generation, which will form the artistic face of Ukraine, Europe and the world in the near future. Every year the creative relations of European countries strengthen. Soon “EUROPEAN MUSIC MEETINGS IN LVIV” will turn into an international music festival, where all the diversity of musical schools of the European Union will be presented. We go to that and we strive for it. ”
      In the big concert of young talents of Europe took part: Chamber Orchestra “Academy” (artistic director – Myroslav Skoryk, leader – concertmaster – Arthur Mykyta, party harpsichord – Maxim Limariev) – under the guidance of the Honored Artist of Ukraine, associate professor Nazariy Pilatyuk and Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Lviv Philharmonic Under the guidance of Vitaliy Alekseyonka (Belarus-Germany). These powerful creative teams provided the soloists with excellent, highly professional support.
      In the constellation of young European talents, Solomiya Krushelnytska school was well received.
      In the I department of the concert with an interesting, attractive, virtuoso program were:
      Svyatoslav Borisov – oboe (class of associate professor Leo Zakopets), who performed the Concert by Major A. Vivaldi;
      Nazar Pashko – clarinet (teacher Taras Ilchuk), who performed the third part of the Second Concert in the Major Major K.M. Weber;
      Elizabeth Tkachuk – violin (class of associate professor Nazariy Pilatyuk), who performed the “Carpathian Rhapsody” by M. Skoryk.
      The second part of the concert gave unforgettable impressions.
      10-year-old Manuela Bianchi (Italy-France) – pupil teacher Jean-Philippe Kostené (Conservatory of Lyon, France) performed brilliantly on the French Roland Concert Rondo’s Major, KV 371, VAA Mozart;
      Fluteist Isabelle Tillier (class of Professor Bettina Preusker), representing the Dresden Musical Gymnasium of Charles Maria von Weber (Germany), performed Concertino K. Shamind;
      Student of Pilsen Conservatory Vanda Shabakova – harp (class of Professor Ivanna Doganova) performed Concert in three parts, Major, K. Dietsdorf;
      The violinist Kalina Zaelsinskaya (class of professors Jan Romanovsky and Maria Muravia-Frasky), representing the Poznan Music School named after Yadwig Kaliszewska (Poland), performed the Final of the Third Concert, essay 61, K. Saint-Saens.
      The brilliant final chord of the musical performance was the performance of the honorable guest of the project, the 20-year-old world-renowned pianist Liu Xiaoyu (France-Canada). Inspired by the performance of Rhapsody on the theme of Paganin S. Rachmaninov, the hall was stirred, the walls shuddered with ovations. The pianist performed on “bis” miniatures, showing a phenomenal virtuosity.
      Young talents of Europe were impressed by the high skill of Lviv lovers of respectable music. The event has gained resonance in artistic circles. Impreza was held on a charitable basis, so I want to name the patrons, friends, partners who joined her organization: Oleg Koval – President of the Ukrainian House in France; Oleg Denis; Nadia Weiss; Hotel SAINT FEDER Lviv; World of Coffee; LvivMozArt !; Lviv Opera; Le Conservatoire de Lyon; Plzeňská konzervatoř;; Zespół Szkół Muzycznych w Poznaniu; Lviv Regional Philharmonic.
      I would like to point out that this international artistic project has become a special platform for creating a new cultural reality, filled with high and magnificent Art.

Svyatoslav Borisov (Oboe) class honored art worker of Ukraine, associate professor Levko Zakopats

Manuel-Bianchi – (France – Italy) (French) class teacher Jean – Philip Cohen

Xiaoyu Liu – Pianist (France – Canada) (piano) is an honorable guest of the project

Kalina Zalesinska (Poznan, Poland) (violin), class of Dr. Jan Romanovsky and Maria Muravia-Frasky

Isabelle Tillier (Dresden, Germany) (flute) student of the Saxon Musical State Gymnasium Karl Maria von Weber

Elizabeth Tkachuk (violin) class of Honored Artist of Ukraine, Associate Professor Nazariy Pilatiuk

Wanda Shabakova (Plzen, Czech Republic) harp class of Professor Ivanna Doglanova