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XIII contest “Meridian Classic”

This year, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and methodical center of cultural institutions and educational institutions of Ukraine held in Kyiv at the KDSHM No2 im.M. Verykivsky XIII contest “Meridian Classic”. The competition consisted of two rounds. Round evaluated by the jury sent video artists. The second round was held in Kiev, concert hall KDSH No2 im.M. Verykivsky. In the nomination “string stringed instruments competition was held on 29-30 May 2017 Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and methodical center was defined goals and objectives of the competition in 2017, namely: identification of talented young performers, the disclosure of the creative personality of each, to promote professional music career, and accordingly popularization among children and young classical and contemporary music in Europe on the example of the musical culture of France. Mandatory piece for contestants in the second round of the XIII All-Ukrainian competition “Meridian Classic” was the work of French composer of choice performer. Young contestants evaluated by a jury consisting of the number of teaching staff of national cultural institutions, eminent music Ukraine, performers. Pupils S.Krushelnytska who came to these creative competitions, won the title winners and winners: In their age categories took second place in Sofia Plahtsinska (teacher L.Futorska), third place went to Leo Mentsinskyy (O. Mentsinska teacher, accompanist, Yuri Fomenko ), IV took place Mary Salome (O.Mentsinska teacher, accompanist O.Skochylyas), received a diploma Diana Dyakovska (O.Mentsinska teacher, accompanist O.Skochylyas).