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Art project

Second International Summer School of Music

Are pleased to inform you that we opened on 04/07/2017 accepting applications for the Second International Summer School of Music! Please send your application before June 15, 2017!
Questionnaires can be ordered by e-mail:


or download link

Terms of the Summer School of Music

1. Applications to be received after June 15 will not be considered.

2. Master courses will begin on June 25 at 11.00.

. General course schedule:

• 24.06.2017 – 25.06.2017 Arrival of participants and the opportunity to stay in school music

in Lviv.

• 25.06.2017 08:00 – 09:00 Registration for the course in 12:00. begins classes


• 30.06.2017 – concerts participants.

3. Study and identification cards to be able to get a room for

self-employment will be issued on arrival party.

2. Course fee is 100 Euro per overnight stay and two meals a day, and 70 Euro

without accommodation and meals. Payment can also take place in Euro currency rate

on the day of payment.

3. The price of 70 Euro includes 3 lessons with a professor, playing with accompanist,

entertainment during the course.

– The price of 100 Euro includes accommodation in a comfortable room at the school with

June 25 (June 24 settlement possible after 18:00) until 1 July (to eviction

14:00) and 2 meals at the school and also 3 lessons with Professor game with

Musical and entertainment activities during the course

3. Participants younger than 10 years must be supervised by a responsible


4. All participants who submit their applications will be submitted answers to ensure

participation and booking a place to sleep (if necessary)

5. Organizers have the right to make photo and video shoot for their goals and public


6. The best participants will have the opportunity to take part in the final concert.

We want to share with you information on this year’s professors

Jerzy Kotyczka – гобой/ oboj ( професор Краківської Музичної Академії )…/pracownic…/prof-jerzy-kotyczka/

Barbara Swiatek – Zelazna – флейта/ flet ( професор Краківської Музичної Академії )…/…/prof-barbara-swiatek-zelazna/

Piotr Lato – кларнет/ klarnet ( професор Краківської Музичної Академії )…/pracownicy-kate…/dr-piotr-lato/